• Have you tried completing the Whole 30 or do you plan to complete it in the near future?  Lucky for you, I’ve found 18 extremely easy Whole 30 recipes that you can include in your meal plan to help make things easier for you! In April, I completed the entire 30 days of the Whole… [Continue Reading]

    18 Easy Whole 30 Recipes That Are On Repeat
  • Do you ever wonder if you’re getting enough water, or more specifically, how to drink more water?  You’re not alone!  We all know the importance of drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, yet most of us go through the day dehydrated. I carry a refillable water bottle around everywhere I go.  Literally.  Everywhere! … [Continue Reading]

    How to Drink More Water
  • Have you ever felt so exhausted that you expected to fall asleep before your head even hit the pillow, only to lie awake for up to an hour tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep?  I used to have trouble getting to sleep, no matter how tired I felt just minutes before.   So approximately… [Continue Reading]

    6 Effortless Steps To Get To Sleep Faster
  • Your Healthy Grocery Shopping Guide   I used to hate grocery shopping.   I would only go once every two weeks and just live off basically nothing when I ran out of most things, because I despised it that much.   I especially hated grocery shopping for healthy stuff because it was all so confusing to me. … [Continue Reading]

    Healthy Grocery Shopping Guide
  •   Canada Day is fast approaching!  I’m not usually one to go all-out for Canada Day activities.  I’d much rather spend quality time with my family than go out into the swarm of people in the several Canada Day festivities in my local city.  Especially since where I’m currently living in Alberta, everything seems to… [Continue Reading]

    Fitness-Related Canada Day Activities
  • I’ve recently endured 30 whole days of absolutely zero dairy, grains, legumes, and yes, also sugar!  In other words, complete torture!  Just kidding, it actually wasn’t hard at all!  And I’m about to tell you how!  If you want to learn how to survive the Whole 30, then keep on reading on! First of all, if… [Continue Reading]

    How To Survive The Whole 30
  •   Before we get into why I think cheat meals are important, let me just clear something up: I don’t like to call them “cheat meals”.   You have a serious, lifelong relationship with food. It is probably the most important thing in your life.  I mean, it gives you energy, it fuels your body with… [Continue Reading]

    Why Cheat Meals Are Important
  •   “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin No wonder that’s a famous quote!  I don’t know about you, but for me, if I don’t meal prep at least some of my food for the week, I end up failing and making something less healthy at the last minute.… [Continue Reading]

    The Simple Meal Prep Guide
  •   You’ve tried it all!  You’ve restricted yourself to 1,000 calories a day. You’ve cut out all fat from your diet. You’ve tried eating only chicken and broccoli every day. Maybe you’ve even taken some of those too-good-to-be-true weight loss pills.  Only to end up right back where you’ve started:  hungry, exhausted, frustrated, unhappy with… [Continue Reading]

    5 Fool-Proof Steps To Get In Shape, And Stay There

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