Canada Day is fast approaching!  I’m not usually one to go all-out for Canada Day activities.  I’d much rather spend quality time with my family than go out into the swarm of people in the several Canada Day festivities in my local city.  Especially since where I’m currently living in Alberta, everything seems to cost a fortune — you want how much for face painting?!?!

Of course I still like to purchase cute little Canada Day clothing for our kids, and maybe even try to match them for cute Canada Day family photos, but I’m choosing to find Canada Day activities that we can do together as a family and stay active while we’re at it!

So I’ve compiled a list of fitness-related Canada Day activities that you can do if you’re like me and hate big crowds and spending an unnecessary amount of money on silly things.


This is obviously at the top of my list because it’s something I absolutely love doing, especially as a family!  Depending on the hike and the amount of hills, rocks, etc., it can be extremely tough, but rewarding.  Not to mention so relaxing with all of the beautiful nature and scenery you can come across.

If you have a baby or toddler, strap them into your baby carrier, or pick up a big stick for your little one if they’re too big for a carrier.  My nine-year-old always finds a stick of some sort and he can use his imagination with it to help make it fun.  You can also play games along the way like I Spy.


Kayaking isn’t something I would do on just any old weekend, because we don’t own our own kayak, but it can be a really good option if you’re looking for something to do for Canada Day and don’t mind spending a little bit of money.  In my opinion, it’s money well spent compared to face painting, which usually just melts off in the heat.   At least with kayaking you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.  Most places have a kayaking rental service if there’s water nearby.

Badminton or Basketball

In our city, there are parks pretty much every 1 km.  Besides having to slow down to 30km/h every time you come across one, it’s perfect for families because the opportunities are endless.  Each park is different, and most of them have a basketball/badminton court as well.  If you don’t own badminton equipment, you can get the rackets and birdies for pretty cheap at places like Walmart or Target.   I find you don’t even need a net for it to be a really fun activity!

If badminton isn’t your thing, most places have basketball courts somewhere nearby, and pretty much everyone I’ve met so far owns at least one basketball.  You don’t have to be good at the sport, just go out and have fun with your kids.  They don’t care if you make every single net, all they care about is spending time with you.

Bike Ride

Who doesn’t love riding their bike?  Pack a picnic lunch and go out for a nice long bike ride with the family.  You can even bike to some of the local festivities if you really wanted to!


If you live near a beach or a lake, bring your cooler, umbrella, and picnic blanket and make a whole day out of it!  Just be warned, you probably aren’t the only family who has thought of this fun activity on Canada Day.  You might want to go early to get a good spot.  And don’t forget the sunscreen!

You can also find a local pool (indoor or outdoor) and spend a few hours there.

Balloon Fight

Have you ever just stopped caring about life and all of your adult to-do’s and acted like a kid for just a few minutes?  It is an instant stress relief and I find even just five minutes of being silly with your children can make such a big impact on your day.

Go outside and have a water balloon fight with your family.  I promise the laughter you’ll hear from those sweet little kids will make you forget about your to-do list, and you’d be surprised at how much exercise you’ll get at the same time!  If you don’t have water balloons, use the hose.  Play hose hide and go seek!


Speaking of being silly, why not go outside or to the park and have a fun game of tag?!   The options are literally endless when it comes to childrens’ games.  Have you ever wondered why children have so much energy and stamina?  It’s because most of the games they play are exercise, so they are fit little human beings.

So tell me, what sort of Canada Day activities will you be doing with your family?  Let me know below so we can give them a go as well!

Happy Canada Day!

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